The Institute shall organize its research activities in such a way that outcomes are structured to meet specific needs of the stakeholders and partners. Much of the research shall be derived from the outcomes of the brainstorming and intellectual interaction with stakeholders and interested parties. The research activities may be internally initiated or be by request from external bodies or stakeholders.

It may also a joint projects or in response to a call by a third parties or agencies. The research activities will be packed to target specific sector, time frame and frequencies that make the outcomes relevant to decision making of the interested parties. The Institute research focuses on pure and applied research, in order to provide evidence in support of solutions. INCDS research activities will involve mixed methodology approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods.

This methodology shall involve:

  • Conducting desk studies, carry out in-country fieldwork, and creating databases.
  • Collecting, collating and analyzing both primary and secondary data on business and investment conditions
  • Conducting evidence-based policy analysis, for fostering collaboration and advocacy,
  • Developing a database for business and investment guides in Nigeria and Africa.

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