• Trade Fair and exhibitions:

    to promote Chinese good and business

  • Television and radio programmes:

    to create awareness and educate people about BRI and promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Chinese business community and the local communities in Nigeria

  • Business to Business forum:

    where investors and business men from both countries engage each other to facilitate trade and investment

  • Alternative trade dispute resolutions platform:

    within the institute in order to prevent potential dispute degenerating, reduce the cost of litigation and build mutual understanding quicker resolution of dispute where it arises

  • Engagement with media houses and establishment of Nigeria-China times newspaper both online and print media:

    for promoting and informing people about both the BRI and Chinese investment in Nigeria

  • Research and Business Intelligence
  • Financial and Business Support Facilitation
  • Trade Promotion & Facilitations
  • Training and Human Capacity Development 
  • Cultural & Educational Exchange
  • Business and Investment Guide
  • Data Mining
  • Business and Investment Guide
  • Customized Consulting 
  • Perception Report
  • Jurisdiction Intelligence
  • Business Plan and Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Management Partnership and Investment Advisory Services 
  • Crowdfunding and Venture Capital Financing Facilitation
  • Government Financial Assistance Facilitation
  • Business Concept Development, Registration and Incubation
  • Business to Business B2B
  • Book to Business B2B
  • Investment Summit
  • Trade Fairs & Trade Promotions
  • Policy Dialogue & Advocacy
  • Business and Investment Linkages
  • Negotiation and Trade Facilitation Skills
  • Research and Data Analytics Skills
  • Advanced Studies on Bilateral Economics and Business Relation
  • International Trade and Business Facilitation Clinic 
  • Chinese Translation Language Clinic
  • Provide Access to resources such as grants, bequests, gifts and endowments from Chinese investors, bodies and foundations 
  • Facilitation of Academic, Researchers and Investors’ visit to China and Nigeria 
  • Facilitate Scholarship and Training Opportunities in related Skills in China and other part of the world  
  • Development of joint research programmes and projects Chinese and other foreign institutions;
  • Organization of joint training programmes, conferences, seminars and lectures.
  • Promote intercultural exchanges and