Date: Tuesday October 29, 2019   

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue DLI Main Auditorium  


The book to business Seminar is to:

  1. Expose the participants to information about the business that they can do with little or no capital base.
  2. Give them access to information to make appropriate career decisions in the business world outside seeking paid jobs.
  3. Empower them to take advantages of several overseas business and educational opportunities that are usually not available on the social media.
  4. Promote trade, and incubating entrepreneurship skills and ideas among the university students.
  5. Serve as springboard and a practical step towards improving business penetration and collaborations between Nigerians and Chinese Investment community.
  6. Increase business participation among Nigerian youths.
  7. Provide opportunities for Chinese companies to showcase their products and provide avenue for the students to meet prospective Chinese suppliers, dealers, distributors or agents.
  8. Develop entrepreneurial and business incubation skills of the university students.
  9. Create awareness to the students about how to do business in China.
  1. Chinese suppliers, dealers, distributors or agents.
  2. University Students.
  3. Unemployed graduate.
  4. Existing businessmen and women.
  1. Invite the student association presidents to a meeting to tell them about the program and seek their help in mobilizing students.
  2. create awareness and sensitization within the student associations to incur mobilization.
  1. Instructor Led.
  2. Practical Exercises and Scenarios.
  3. Product Test.
  1. Goodie bags with their products for the program.
  2. Business manual.
  1. This seminar is designed to expose students on how to do business in china.
  2. Inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.
  3. Translate knowledge to value. 
  4. Enrich their experience on the job.
  5. Participant will be given financial assistance to market the Chinese products.

Participants will acquire different practical approaches and methods for making money without having a formal job.

  • Date: August 20, 2019
  • Client: DLI Main Auditorium
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