Date: December 5th – 7th , 2019   

Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Venue Multipurpose Hall/Sport Center/UBA Park

Aims and Objectives

The INCDS-UNILAG Trade and Product Exhibition is a platform to showcase and promote Chinese investment and locally produced goods in Nigeria.

It also aimed at:

  1. To bring Nigerian and Chinese investors together in a more relaxed and conducive environment to discuss business opportunities and identify areas of common interest.
  2. To discuss and find a common ground and possible ways of addressing the obstacles to exploring and taking advantages of the various opportunities provided by the recent improved relationship between Nigeria and China.
  3. To provide an opportunity for building trust and confidence among the stakeholders in Nigeria-China business corridor.
  4. To identify areas of research opportunities for the Institute and the university community and build a collaborative network of engagement and explore the potential benefits of both academic and corporate world for the improving the ties between Nigeria and China.
  5. Provide opportunities for Chinese companies to showcase their products and provide avenue for Nigerian traders to meet prospective Chinese suppliers, dealers, distributors or agents.
  6. Provide avenue to business men and women opportunities to improve their brand awareness; change their brand positioning; demonstrate their product; expand to new markets; reach new investors and make product launches.

Who to attend?

  1. Chinese suppliers, dealers, distributors or agents.
  2. Nigerian Investors willing to collaborate with Chinese investors.
  3. Local Manufacturers; Traders; Agents; importers of industrial inputs; Suppliers of components and accessories; Suppliers of services.
  4. Research and training institutes; Professional associations; Trade promotion organizations; Technical cooperation agencies; Institutions.
  5. Government Agencies particularly Trade and Investment Promotion Offices.
  6. Researchers and Academics with patent products to exhibit for possible collaborations and commercialization.
  7. Students and young entrepreneurs interested in Chinese products, business and educational opportunities.
  8. Others with special interested in trade mission, cultural business exchange.
  1. Business 2 Business Trade Promotion Round Table Dialogue.
  2. Trade Fair and Product Exhibition.
  1. Venue: A Multiple Purpose hall and the UBA Park in University of Lagos between 2,500m² to 3,500m² excluding conference section.
  2. Theme: Transiting from Made for Nigeria to Made in Nigeria.
  3. Proposed Conference Speakers: Chinese Embassy, BRI & FOCAC Country Representative,  Vice Chinese Investors Associations, NEPC (Nigerian Export Promotion Council); NIPC (Nigeria investment Promotion Commission); Minister of Trade & Investment; Chinese Embassy and Communities, All OPS (Organized Private Sector) selected top business executives

The benefits for participating includes but not limited to:

  1. Showcasing its products or services and reach a targeted audience.
  2. Creating or reinforce the visibility and raise the awareness and interest about its supply capacity.
  3. Access to business information, opportunities and ideas.
  4. Identify new potential customers or strengthen relations with the existing ones.
  5. Establish backward and forward business linkages.
  6. Become agents for Chinese products, business and educational opportunities.
  7. Negotiate offers that may result in actual business deals.
  8. Develop the relationship network.
  9. Meet potential partners that can lead to business alliances.
  10. Business exchange and Trade mission to and from China.

Three Days: December 5th – 7th 2019, Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm Daily

  • Day 1: Opening ceremony, Policy & Business Roundtable Forum and exhibition.
  • Day 2:  Full Exhibition.
  • Day 3: Exhibition & Closing ceremony.

Target exhibitors:  Chinese Investors, Local Investors, SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises), Student Entrepreneurs, selected Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Women in Trade.

  1. Type: General.
  2. Collaborations:  ESADC, Confucius institutes, CIADP, Lagos and Ogun Export Free Trade Zones, Chinese Market Operators & OPS organs.
  3. Promotional Strategies: Unilag Radio & TV, national dailies & media houses, , Digital Marketing, Canvassers for physical marketing, advert in selected newspaper etc.
  • Date: August 20, 2019
  • Client: Multipurpose Hall/Sport Center/UBA Park
  • Category:
  • Value: December 5 to 7 , 2019