1. Brief the academic communities of the feedback from the African scholars’ visits to China.
  2. Identify research and collaboration opportunities.
  3. Develop a working relationship between UNILAG Academics and Chinese Institutions.
  4. Create a database of Scholars who are interested in research and networking with Chinese Scholars and institutions.
  5. Promote a deeper understanding of the various bilateral relationships between Africa and China. 

Seminar Body

  1. Present the report of the China trip.
  2. Present the thematic research areas identified:
    • Belt and Road Initiative.
    • Forum of China Africa Cooperation. 
    • China Africa Institute Research Partnership Request.
    • China Africa Research Network. 
    • Business and Investment Opportunities in Nigeria and China. 
  3. Goodwill messages from Partners.
  1. Enlighten audience about the research opportunities and collaborations with Chinese institutions.
  2. Create a China-Africa research network.
  1. DVC Academics to Chair the event.
  2. Deputy Consulate General of Chinese Embassy in Lagos as Special Guest.
  3. Mr. Liu Ronnie CEO Chinatown /President of CIADP and Co-Chair INCDS.
  4. Directors of Confucius Institute.
  5. Heads of Departments/Directors of Institutes, members of academics.
  6. Research institutes and Business Analysis.
  7. Nigerian Institute of International Affairs.
  8. Chinese companies: Tencent, Miniso HUA FEI.
  9. People’s Daily and CGTV Correspondent.
  10. Media Organization.
  • Date: August 20, 2019
  • Client: DLI Main Auditorium
  • Category:
  • Value: Thursday August 22, 2019